Connection to the Free State of Winston

By , July 23, 2017 11:34 am

Knew that not all southerners supported the Confederacy but never thought about my family in connection with Winston County, Alabama (“Free State of Winston”). Came across this interesting tidbit written by an Ingle descendant while working on my family tree this morning. John Byrd Norris would have been my GF’s 2nd cousin, mine twice removed. Just, wow!

f9cce708-a8ed-470f-84db-8086575bf817“Winston County was a “no-man’s-land” in the year 1863. Mayhem was being committed upon the population of that poor county, and in the Counties of Walker, Marion, Franklin, and other contiguous counties of the area. The Confederates had what were called “Impressment Officers” who would find an eligible man for military, arrest him, keep him tied to a tree for five days in which time he had to make up his mind to join the Confederate Army. If he decided not to join, he was shot. That amounted to “heads I win, and tails you lose.” Either way, he lost.

There are some cases that could be cited here; however, the most illustrative one of which I am more familiar is the case of John Byrd Norris, the husband of Lodusca Darthula Frances Ingle, the daughter of George Washington Ingle, granddaughter of Peter Ingle, and g. granddaughter of Paulser Ingle. John Byrd Norris deliberately refused to join. He was taken to the Jasper, Alabama area and held for the five days, and shot “seven times in the back, where the “gallowses crossed”. (gallowses are the across-shoulder suspenders for men who wear overalls). That case, in my opinion, is what stirred up rebellion in the Confederate ranks and caused 9000-12000 Confederate troops to desert their units and find their way to the 1st AL Cav, USA, which was organized in Glendale, MS, and had some troops stationed in Mooresville, and Decatur, AL.”

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