Robert has to be there somewhere!

By , June 11, 2004 4:08 pm

I have spent several hours over the past week going over the 1870 Wilcox County census for Rehobeth and Prairie Bluff precincts. Using 1872 and 1938 maps the county I’ve been letting my fingers do the walking and literally travelling the roads much as the census taker would have done in 1870. Here are my working assumptions:

1. Robert is just where he was for the next 50 years but his name is misspelled or he’s listed under another first name or nickname and/or a surname other than Norris.

2. Robert isn’t in these places. Instead, he’s somewhere else in Wilcox County or in nearby Dallas, Marengo or Perry counties.

3. Robert wasn’t enumerated anywhere. Somehow he was just missed.

I’ve exhausted numero uno with this last foray. Robert would have been 9 or 10 in 1870 and the only boy that age that I find where I expect him to be is one listed as Robt with no last name enumerated in the HH of Becca Mixon (p. 41 (227), dw #402). The Mixon surname dovetails nicely with C. George’ Mixon’s story about Papa and Mama Julia being related somehow.

Still, I’m not satisfied with this conclusion; hence, my continuing to search. I need to find another Robert or some corroboration that he was a Mixon before I ‘m convinced.

Still trying to make it over to the Alabama Archives to look at the chattel mortgage books and the newly uncovered 1867 voter registration books. Due to budget cuts, only open one Sat per month and that was last weekend. Closed Mondays. Will try to do Tue or Wed.

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