My Sister’s DNA Admixture Test

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By , November 26, 2011 7:45 pm

My sister recently tested with 23andMe and shared her ethnicity results:

49%   European

46%   Sub-Sahara African

5%     Asian (Chinese)

I was thrilled that she tested with them during a free promotion (but that really was aimed at collecting medical data on African Americans). Mom, Uncle Bobby and my sister all exhibited a strong Asian phenotype. Since Mom and Uncle Bobby have passed on, there was no one left to prove or disprove the hypothesis except her. My own results showed only a 2% Asian admixture.

Photos of William Hutchinson Norris and James Reece Norris

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By , November 9, 2011 4:26 am

Received this email from Doc Jones back on 5/10/2011. See any family resemblance?

For a good many years there has been some conflict about photos of some of the early Norris Family Members…. I just got this from Francisco Daniel in Brazil and I am confident that the photos contained in this email are correctly attributed…I would appreciate it if you guys would send this email to other family members who are not in the sent to list…..Thank you very much……doc jones sends

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William Hutchinson Norris and James Reece Norris

William Hutchinson Norris and James Reece Norris


Col. Frank W. Norris – 345th Field Artillery

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By , November 8, 2011 7:09 am

Sent an email to Doc Jones on 11/7/2011:


Col. Frank W. Norris

Found this on Col. Frank W. Norris (born 1916 in Wharton Couty, TX) who was one of John Alexander Norris’ sons. If my scenario is correct, he would have been my GF’s great nephew and my 2nd cousin. He and my dad were about the same age and fought in WW II in France at the same time. I am doing more research on the 345th Field Artillery (Frank Norris) and the 519th QM Bn (my father Theodore Norris) to see where the units were in proximity to one another.

BTW, John Alexander Jr. attended West Point. Found snippet of an article on him in the West Point alumni magazine. Contacting the archivist to get a copy. His son John Alexander III died in Vietnam at age 25. Was living in CA at the time. Don’t know whether he was married or had children.

Still searching for a living descendant of Josiah Evans Norris.


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