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My Biogeographical Admixture Test Results

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By , May 25, 2005 3:54 am

Received the results of my admixture test from AncestrybyDNA last week:

Sub-Saharan African: 51%
European: 42%
Native-American: 5%
East Asian: 2%

Very interesting. But, just as with Dad’s previously reported results (SSA 42%, Eur 47%, EA 9%, NA 0%), my results raise more questions. I had expected to see a larger EA percentage reflecting my mother’s ancestry. Mom was of Jamaican-Cuban extraction and both she and her brother exhibited some Asian characteristics (which is pretty common in the Caribbean) as does one of my sisters. They were/is often mistaken for Chinese, Thai, Filipino, Hawaiian, etc. Even I have been called a Filipina once too many times and a friend once wrote me from Bangkok, “…all your people are here.” So, there’s something there but if my DNA results are to be relied upon, apparently their appearance wasn’t due to an EA genotype at all. Hmmmm. Strange.

Another mystery surrounds Dad’s missing NA heritage which is family lore but still undocumented. His DNA shows no NA ancestry at all . . . unless, of course, his EA results (where did that come from?) are really NA. This is possible because I understand from Toot and others that it is somewhat difficult to distinguish between the two.

But then NA shows up in my results. Either this is from Dad, confirming what we’ve long-suspected, or it is Amerind from Mom’s side, which might explain her (and her brother’s and daughter’s) Asian phenotype mentioned earlier since NA and EA are so close, genotypically speaking.

Still waiting for my matriclan test results and for Dad’s patriclan and matriclan tests from African Ancestry. I’m pretty sure that his Y will show no African ancestry (or just a trace) but I can’t wait to see where his mother’s line originated. Ditto mine since my maternal grandmother was from an area of Cuba where there a great deal of admixture between the native Indians, Europeans and African slaves. Er, that would’ve made her a typical Caribbean Hispanic, wouldn’t it?

Source: Reposted on 11/9/2011 from the AfriGeneas African American DNA Research Forum

Dad’s Biogeographical Admixture Test Results

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By , April 23, 2005 6:27 pm

Received my father’s biogeographical admixture test results from DNA Print Genomics (

– European 47%
– Sub-Saharan African 44%
– East Asian 9%
– Native American 0%

The percentage of Euro admixture wasn’t too surprising. Even though Dad is brown-skinned and his mother may have had about 1/8 Euro ancestry, his father was at least mulatto . . . may even have been quadroon or octoroon.

The East Asian ancestry was interesting but if I read correctly it is considered a trace that shows up in many populations so isn’t too significant.

The shocker, however, was that Dad had NO Native American ancestry. One of my family stories is that Dad’s grandfather was of NA descent. The story specifically refers to the Creek (folks said Cree but it was more likely Creek since they’re from south-central Alabama). The confidence interval was 4-8% so I understand that he still could have up to 12% NA ancestry but that possibility is less than 2x as likely as his having 0%. I also undrstand that since every child inherits different combinations of genes from their parents, that any one of the other 7 of Dad’s full siblings may have exhibited NA ancestry. But since Dad is the last of his family, we will never know definitively.

Sent Dad’s african ancestry swabs off four days ago (and my own admixture test). Can’t wait. Brave New World!!!!

Source: Reposted on 11/9/2011 from the AfriGeneas African American DNA Research Forum

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